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 presentation about our social film documentary

“ American Vertigo “

The Big Story



June 29, 2016

Written by Jerry Ashton.

This is a film presentation  and documentation  of the transformation of America through the outcry and collective awareness that emerges from its most poignant social and financial challenges. 

Patrick de Warren spent six years documenting Occupy and it’s aftermath, compelled by the Occupy movement’s populism conversation – a public  outcry scribbled on pieces of cardboard by the 99% to create an awareness  of income inequality, corporate-purchased  politicians, and social and environmental issues. 

The Film concept:

The 2008 economic crisis has begun to fade into the past. President Obama’s  final term is nearing its end. The near collapse of GM, financial and job insecurity reaching new heights, the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement all have receded into our collective long-term memory ,  of our past if we are to believe most of the main stream media press.

Few care to dwell on the consequences  of this financial crisis:  The  mortgage-backed securities collapse, the home foreclosure, the dispossession of hundred of thousands of Americans along with their savings and retirement funds. 

And  the few who are tasked with reminding us of this travesty have gone silent.  In fact, they are even more vocal and visible and have taken on local crises.

 Such as the methane leak  in south Los Angeles, the scandalous Flint water crisis, Black  Lives Matter, and even the epidemic of heroin-spread HIV in the Midwest . All can be traced back to the continuing aftershocks of the 2008 financial crash.

The 2008 economic crisis is a story without  ending. The financial inequality central to the grievances of the Occupy Wall Street movement is in no way dealt with successfully. It has  simply transformed into a seemingly  endless period of open class conflict.  >>>




We are  completing a  feature length film documentary about the Occupy Wall Street movement ranging from some of  it’s earliest days to its many present incarnations of Protest. 

The film is a careful-woven cinematic, intimate and emotional documentary of film footage taken during the two years that Occupy was active in New York City. It celebrates interviews  with the ordinary citizens, activists, politicians, economists, Artists and anthropologist of the American and European  left who were there.

The film is their argument in powerful and intimate black-and-white.

It’s today argument for a  better world freed of corporatocracy and corrupt government. It’s your argument. It’s our argument. 


CAST Documented  &  Interviews 

Noam Chomsky – Daniel Ellsburg – Naomi Klein –  Chris Hedges – Bill McKibben – Jill Stein –  Bernie Sanders – Werner Herzog – Michael Moore -Cornell West – Mark Ruffalo – Gallagher –  Josh Fox – Michael king – Amy Goodman –  Cpt Ray lewis –  Cheer –  Michael hudson – Richard D Wolff – Doug Shields – Thomas DiNapoli – Esther Baldwin, – Natalie Merchant – Stanley Aronowitz   – Phil Donahue – Todd Gitlin –  Jas booth  -Helen Patton  –  Russel Simmon –  Ben Cohen – Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir –  John Murdoch – Vlad Teichberg – Brendon burkes – Lee Wells  –  Alexis Goldstein – George Martinez – Dawn Zimmer – Justin Wedges – Carl Dix – Greg Smith ( Golden Sacks), –  Artist delavega – Kanika ( OWS) –  Tim Weldon ( THink Tank OWS ) , Martin Luther king family – John Penley OWS  , Elliot Crown OWS –  Jerry Ashton – Katie Robbins – Dr Danny Lugassy – George Ehnhart – Caleb Maupin, Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera, Lauren Digioia, Aaron black (ows Organiser)….

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” Blind Spot “

” Blind Spot ”  2011  -2012 represent the outcry of the occupy ripple effects.

Our content as of now :

A full year and half of documentation of the movement and it’s ripple effects , documentation include both Republican  and Democatic conventions , Anti NATO protest, anti fracking movement , student debts , money out of politics, environmental issues, social issues , racial issues , economics , dramatic footage of key events of the Occupy movement, a look into the political landscape of the United States of America . A canvas of  famous and ordinary citizens standing up for something they believe in… The desire to save the world. 


“The revolutionary Left versus the revolutionary Right “


 Patrick de Warren – Collective Dreams Project

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